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Per    Olof
Per Sjöberg
  Olof Tydén

Dr Per Sjöberg
Per has a PhD in Toxicology and has for 10 years headed the Division of
Pharmacology & Toxicology at the Medical Products Agency in Uppsala.
Per has been a member of the CPMP for 5 years and at the same time
chaired the CPMP Safety Working Party.
Email: Per.Sjoberg@Eureda.com
Mobile: +46705306900

Dr Olof Tydén
MD; PhD; is an Associate Professor in obstetrics and gynecology.
Olof has been a Medical Director at Leo Pharmaceuticals and Kabi-Vitrum
(now Pfizer) and a Programme Director at the MPA.
He was a Senior Regulatory Adviser at Hoffman-La Roche, Basel, with
responsibilities in EU strategies, knowledge management and training for
six years.
Email: Olof.Tyden@Eureda.com
Mobile: +46705658135