Eureda, Glunten

Who we are...


Eureda was formed in January 2000 by a group of experienced regulatory scientists with
competencies derived from altogether 60 years in leading positions in European
pharmaceutical industry and regulatory agencies. The group has inside knowledge of the
European Procedures for obtaining marketing authorizsations

With this human capital and an international network of preclinical and clinical experts
Eureda is offering business relationship with innovative industry management, particularly in
Regulatory Affairs, Non-clinical and Clinical Science and Business Development.
Services provided include advice and second opinions on strategic drug development plans
as well as input on "burning" issues.
Our focus is guidance on how to reduce or avoid regulatory "hurdles", thus minimizing time
Eureda has established effective working relationships with more than 150 different
organisations ranging from start-up companies, CROs, and small to global pharmaceutical
companies for numerous projects.